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The Boo

Cockpit 3

7/24/04 Today was going to be a fun day.  Dan was coming over to David Richardson's place to check out his wing (which is very well done), then he was going to pop over here and do a TC visit on my bird.  David and I went to Torrance airport and chatted with Bill Marvel for a bit.  We heard Dan on my portable radio asking for the option.  As we driving to the transient ramp, here comes Dan, hauling ass, low pass and pull up at speed.  Very nice.  You gotta love these airplanes and Dan certainly knows how to drive 'em.

Anyway here's Dan checking out my plane.

Dan had some great comments and I've since implemented all of his recommendations.  First, he asked me how I am planning to get the battery out of the box with the 24-tab ground block in place?  Crap!  Dan indicated that he didn't use any of the ground tabs forward of the firewall so I squashed the bottom row and flipped the orientation of the bolt.  Battery goes in and out now.  Next he recommended that I place fuel line pass-through grommet on the outside as it would be a better weather sealant in this position.  And then grind the screw a bit so it doesn't touch or get too close toe the side skin.  This is the Adel clamp holding the fuel vent line at the bottom right and left of the forward fuselage.

Side note: Unfortunately, this weekend sucked as far as real work goes.  My pager kept going off all day Sat and Sun.  So, even though Dan was very generous and offered to take me up, I had to decline so that I could sit in front of the darn computer instead.  Somedays... Ugh.

This afternoon I decided to plunge head first into the wiring morass. 

7/25/04 I'm running both the pitot and static lines under the F-721 forward canopy decks.  I drilled a hole in the sub panel to allow the line to exit.  All of my pitot static runs are hidden which I like.  Here they are covered with corrugated black ducting.

I figured this is as good a place as any for the Sandia altitude encoder.  Notice the static line can run from the sub panel to the Sandia unit and pass through the lightening hole.

Drilled the hole for the cabin heat control cable on the bottom right of the panel.  Routed the cable to a #12 hole in the firewall stiffener.  Plans say to drill a #10 but then the hole is too big.  Fabricated a small aluminum strap to hold the cable to the underside of the sub panel directly behind the hole on the panel.

I had one of those little swivel gizmos left over from when I decided not to install a parking brake.  This works out Much better than bending the end of the cable as Vans suggests.

Installed the cabin air scat tubing.

Dan was kind enough to bring over his Greenlee punch and here I've installed the one-eye swivels into the firewall.  The front portion is out while I try to find a wrench which will fit.

Cut a hole and installed the remote panel for the ACK ELT.  I asked Anjanette at the office to shorten the phone-like cable for this.  Thanks Anj!

There is some rubbing on the WD-617 canopy latch and the bracing for the flap housing.  This is common.  I placed a strip of UHMW tape on the flap housing.

Wiring harness attached to the backs of the radio stack trays.  Gawd what a mess.

7/26/04 Lately I've been thinking about cabin and baggage compartment lighting.  I've been experimenting with LED's for a while now and found this neat little gizmo.  It's a Luxeon Lumiled Star (Lambertian pattern) with a power puck.  This is only a 1 watt LED.  It will blind you if you look at it, both the red and white lights.  The red will illuminate the cockpit and the white the baggage compartment.  I am building housings for these as they need a heat sink.  The only thing you will see is the optics of the LED when I'm completed.  More to come.  These pictures do not do these justice, trust me these are BRIGHT!

Wanted to get the layout of the power, prop and mixtures controls determined so I used my scrap panel (Thanks Fabian!).  I can get my fat hands on each of them with out touching any of the others, awesome.  Fabian left plenty of room on this mini-sub panel and I like it more every time I look at it.

7/27/04 Got my brake pedals from the chromer/powder coater today and spent hours installing them.  The plans call for a thin washer between the angle on the sides of the pedal and the mounting flange.  Well add a minute thickness of powder coating on the pedals and now you are going to have a bitch of a time getting them reassembled.  Literally, it took hours.  I didn't want to take the rudder pedal assembly out because all of the brake lines are already installed.  

Anyway they look great.  This color and texture of the pedals is exactly what's going on the panel!

After procrastinating about how to run wires through the wings I finally broke down and decided to install Van's 3/4" corrugated flex conduit.  Here I've piloted the holes along the bottom of the wings per the recommendations.  I used a unibit to enlarge all but the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th inner most ribs.  David's got a 3/4" unibit and I'll borrow it when I get back from vacation to finish the rest.

7/28/04 Packing for Oshkosh (by car again).  NOT NEXT YEAR,  THIS SUCKER WILL BE DONE!!!!!  And, great news, my Dad will be coming back with me from Michigan in one week for a whole month.  My plan is to get the canopy finished, get this bird on it's gear and hang the engine, all in one month.  You ready Pops????? 
8/13/04 I posted a question to the group last week about screens in the naca duct.  Got no responses.  Evidently no one is doing this.  Personally I don't want a very unhappy bee or wasp in my cockpit down low and slow (or fast) so a screen of some sort is a must.  Just formed the screen till it fit snugly into the hole and RTV it into place.  I believe this may cut down on the amount of ventilation by upwards of 40%.  If so I may remove them down the road or get some larger mesh screen.

9/27/04 The seats have arrived.  I ordered mine from Classic Aero Designs.  Mine are Medium Neutral Leather with a gold metallic embroidery of N447RV on the seat backs.  They are absolutely more than I expected.  Very light, very soft and very comfortable.  Total chaaching? $1320 with shipping.  Better than trying to do something else I don't know anything about and not being happy with the outcome.  The colors match the interior paint and panel powder coating perfectly.  Take a closer look.  These are male seats :)

12/1/04 The Main fuel lines from the wings to the Fuel selector have been completed.  I agonized for quite some time about how I was going to run the fuel lines through the gear weldments and end up with nice clean bends without any kinks.  Well I think I found a nice neat way.  In fact I ended up making both runs (left and right) in under an hour.  I'm using the Andair fuel selector valve so It's a bit different if you are using Vans valve but this process should work well either way.

On the right line I made it with just one piece of tubing.  Cut a length of 24 inch 3/8 tubing.  Make the shortest 90 degree bend you can at one end then make another right off of that so you have a Z formed.  Now take the rest of the tubing and bend it into a fairly tight curve, nice and smooth.  This will allow you to slide the tubing in through the right gear weldment.  Now I'm using the topmost hole in the center section supports that should already have the bushings in place.  The plans call for using the bottom holes but this gives you an interference problem with the brake lines. 

As you slide the curved piece through the top hole in the weldment, you start to straighten the tubing so it fits through the first, then second bracket.  Next bend it upwards to hit the right input of the fuel selector valve which is in the front of the assembly on the Andair valve.

I used a AN833-6D fitting where the fuel lines exits the fuselage.  The fitting fits nicely through the rubber grommet and exits rearward.  With this setup you only need to provide a short amount of tubing to attach to the tank fitting and the tubing will only have to make a single 90 degree bend. 

The left fuel line I made in two pieces, split between the two center section supports.  This I found necessary because the Andair left pickup is too close to the closest support to allow you to bend it in one piece.  You would end up crunching the tubing.  I used a AN815-6D union to join the two pieces.

Next I place the fuel pump assembly in place and made sure there were no interference issues.  Finally I cut a length of tube to mate with the flowscan and firewall fuel line fitting.

3/4/05 Got the FPS flap equipment mounted and working tonight.  I used a molex connector to join the wires since I want to be able to remove the flap motor in case it needs attention down the road.  The little brain box is mounted to the aft vertical support of the flap assembly near the top, secured with two little screws.

3/6/05 From what few RV's I've seen, I keep seeing bent armrests.  These aren't even high enough to use as an armrest, but uninformed passengers use them to pry themselves out of the cockpit, and they're just not designed for it.  I purchased some angle from AS, filed the corner off of it so it will nestle in the bend and drilled it into place.  I opted not to solid rivet these in place.  Just foreword of the armrests are the vertical caps which are pop riveted in place.  I like the look of these pop rivets, so I used them for the armrest support too.  (plus it's just damn easier) :)  I'll do some touchup painting later to get rid of that nasty aluminum glare...


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